Table Mentoring: A Simple Guide to Coming Alongside

This book will help you get started sharing with another believer what God is teaching you.

Includes 10 Downloadable Worksheets

We know God so that we can help another to know God. We come alongside and show the way. And what a gift that is—to the mentor and to the mentee. Blessed to be a blessing. Table Mentoring provides steps to help the beginner and encouragement to bless the seasoned mentor, including a link to 10 downloadable worksheets to help you get started. You will gain confidence and motivation to mentor and become mentored. We aren’t to journey this Christian life on our own, and Table Mentoring will help any believer come alongside to receive and give more of what God has to offer.

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(Continued) We all know someone older or younger than ourselves, and God wants us mentoring and being mentored at any age. We teach another what we’ve learned at the feet of Jesus so that they grow up in Jesus. That’s the goal. Not only for fun—though it often is; not only to make a new friend—which usually happens. Mentoring, at a table or not, needs to be part of every believer’s life.


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