Come to My Table – God’s Hospitality and Yours

Come to My Table explores the “gospel of hospitality,” and gives practical tips to encourage the most hesitant host. Recipes and pantry ideas included, as well as 25 theme party ideas and 60 tried and true tips for the truly tired.

Does God want the whole world in your living room? Probably not.  But He does want you to invite. Who in your world has not seen your kitchen sink? It’s time. Trust Him for the courage to be His welcome.

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“Why aren’t we hospitable (when we aren’t?)” We’re fooled into thinking we need to be perfect before opening our door.  We work hard to perfect our homes, our table, our food – even our spouses and children (good luck with that!) When we figure out we aren’t perfect in any one area – or all — we give up and leave hosting to those who exude confident social skills and flawless homes.

Why invite? Because God invited first. He said: “Come on in, you are welcome here. I made you to know Me. You can know me best at My table.”

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