Chocolate on Mondays: Hospitality–Why Bother?

    May 22, 2016

    When I asked my brother if he’d seen my podcast recently, he said, “What podcast? Didn’t you post a dessert? Something about chocolate?”

    Oh, brother, Brother.

    If my brother (tho’ smart, brilliant and talented) didn’t know why my Hospitality posts start with: “Chocolate on Mondays”– or why — maybe you don’t either.

    It’s explained in the side bar — who has time for side bars? I get it. I don’t either. (It’s in the side bar, in case you do.)

    Here’s the scoop:

    My Hospitality posts come out on Mondays.

    I don’t post on hospitality every Monday.

    I do post recipes on Friday (Feast on Fridays, Hyatt – I’m sure you don’t read those. You’re forgiven.)

    And sometimes those Friday posts include chocolate.  I love it when they do.


    “Chocolate on Mondays” is named for Joanie’s great big heart for hospitality – and you can read a bit of that story here. (Hyatt, this is for you :: Here.)

    Hospitality can be a lot of work. I have 20 coming for a bridal shower this weekend. I make lists. I go shopping. I bake. I plan activities. I pray. I ask Mark to weed the grass. I ask friends to help out. Some can. Some can’t. (I take breaks when possible. Today it was a mocha latte down the street and later a meet-up with Melissa. AND the latest James Bond flick with the Man -in-Plaid. Breaks are good. They make the hospitality more fun. You know what I mean.)

    But it’s work. Sometimes a lot. Is it worth the bother?

    Totally. For lots of reasons.

    Here’s one:

    When we open our door to someone, we get to be a little bit like Jesus. He came to serve. Inviting people into your life and kitchen and living room-with-laundry-on-the-couch is serving. (Sometimes my friends serve back by folding that laundry on the couch. I may even put it there with Grace or Claire in mind. I want them to feel at home, after all.)



    My friend Liz Heaney said:

    Hospitality is a metaphor for how God woos us, so that when we welcome others, we are welcoming them to God.

    Cool? Yes, way cool. I want to live out God’s wooing and serve like Jesus served. It’s worth the bother.

    We can’t all go to India or Haiti. But most of us have a house and a table, maybe even a picnic table. Whether you serve chocolate every Monday afternoon like Joanie does or popcorn on Sunday nights like Lars and Polly do. Or like Anne,  slice fine cheese and serve it with flatbread on a cutting board that looks like it’s from the California Redwoods – whether or not  you do – do it for the sake of wooing and serving in Jesus name. You’ll be glad you did. (Don’t forget the breaks.)

    Our Ultimate Host invited us at Creation and continued the invitation at Redemption. And someday we’ll all sit around the same table. That’s some table. Maybe from the California Redwoods. I wouldn’t be surprised.


    Want to see what Hyatt’s been up to? A little busy painting 180 paintings to bless folks from around the world at the United Bible Society Conference last week in Philadelphia. He may have been too busy to read the side bar.

    Hyatt Moore

    Hyatt Moore

    Hyatt Moore

    See more of Moore here.


    “… the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28 ESV


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